Saying Goodbye

Dr. Nicholas eyed the pod nervously, “Mai, lets talk this through one last time.”
The AI’s voice answered from the nearby console, “The science is simple, the pod will be pushed into a pocket universe where it will remain in stasis indefinately.”
“Until she finds it you mean.”
Mai paused “In theory, Doctor.”
“What was that, Mai?”
“If I may speak frankly, Dr. Nicholas, I have my reservations about that part of the plan.”
“there’s nothing wrong with the plan. She’ll find me, I know she’ll find me”
“She is gone, Doctor, she died four years ago.”
“She died, that doesn’t mean she’s gone.” said Nick stepping into the pod “people are just a collection of finite variables, Mai, in an infinite universe they’re bound to repeat sooner or later, and I’ll be waiting for her.”
“However, Doctor, there is a high level of uncertainty. perhaps you would reconsider; surely you will find someone or something else.”
“There’s nobody else for me Mai,” the pod closed around Nick and quietly pushed out of realspace.
“Goodbye, Nick.”

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