Mark has a Plan

Traffic was light as Mark crossed the street aiming for Granny’s diner. He paused in front of the diner and looked inside. With no sign of the punks, Mark pulled the door open and entered.

The diner was bustling with the morning crowd of highway workers, milkmen and cops that were coming off shift. Mark walked behind the counter and poured himself a cup of coffee, then headed for Cookies office.

Cookie was helping at the grill. He saw mark and waved. Mark thumbed toward Cookies office and went inside. With one hip on Cookies desk Mark blew on the hot coffee, and wished he’d ordered some toast.

Cookie entered his office wiping his hands on his white apron. “What’s up, Merle? I’m sorry, Mark.”

Mark smiled,”I put a little heat on your insurance salesmen last night.”


“The punks that are shaking you down,is who.”

“Oh Jesus, Mark. What did you do?”

Mark related what he’d done last night in the punks motel room.

Cookie said, “Oh Mark, I wish you hadn’t done that.”

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