Kevin Bacon Tries To Kill Me (Weirdest Dream Challenge)

Yes, this was a real dream I had.

It was the future. The world had turned into a battle ground. It was rutheless. Everyone was trying to kill each other. We had even built underground tunnels for easy escapes.

I was at my grandmothers house. I knew that Kevin Bacon (the actor) was looking for me, because he wanted to kill me. I was hiding on the patio, but, he found me. We ran into the front yard and began fighting with knives. I got scared, lifted a lid from the ground, and jumped into one of the tunnels.

I went through the tunnel (it was like a giant slide) and ended up in the parking lot of my elementary school. One of my classmates (John) had gone mad. He had taped two forks together and said it was his new killing device. He then proceeded to capture one of my other classmates (Danny) and poke his eyes out with the forks. When John began to come after me, I saw my fourth grade teacher across the parking lot and began calling her name for help.

Luckily she stopped John and saved me.

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