I Killed Gerard Way (Weirdest Dream Challenge)

This is a real dream.

Gerard Way (lead singer of My Chemical Romance) was trying to kill me. Strictly for self defense, I was trying to kill him, also.

We got into a fight at my house. I was loosing the fight, and thought he was going to kill me, when I saw a guitar amp lying around. I grabbed the guitar amp and hit him in the chest with it. It knocked him down. I continued hitting him in the chest until he was dead.

Afterward, my parents and I had to go to a party. I told my parents that I had killed Gerard. My mother didn’t seem to care (or even notice). But, my father made me carry the guitar amp around the party, as punishment for killing Gerard.

At the party, I felt very guilty for killing him, and I began to get tired from carrying the heavy guitar amp around. When I tried to tell my father how guilty I felt, he treated it like it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Then the dream ended.

I should also mention that gerard had his shoulder length black hair, and was wearing a black suit.

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