More Interruptions

Just as Summer was going to bed an IM popped up on her screen, chiming to her. She raced over to see if it was Adam.

It was her aunt.
PrincessAunt: what’s up?
Sumupstuff: can’t sleep, thinking bout Adam
PrincessAunt: love is like that!
Sumupstuff: no i’m worried about him, we were talking and then he wasn’t there
PrincessAunt: dropped call?
Sumupstuff: No, his dad sorta yelled at him and then he just left the phone.
PrincessAunt: you hear anything?
Sumupstuff: No
PrincessAunt: Parents are like that!
Sumupstuff: But why leave the phone
PrincessAunt: Dunno, guess he thought he was comin back
Sumupstuff: hope so
PricessAunt: it’s prolly nuthin, girl! cheer up, he just had to go, that’s all
Sumupstuff: thx

I knew she would tell me what I wanted to hear. That’s why I love her! I went to bed, said a prayer for Adam, promised to go to church if everything was fine, and fell asleep.

I dreamed my aunt was driving me to see Adam. We went to this creepy house. We crept up to the door, it creaked. Nobody was home.

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