Autumn and Justin: She Likes You!

Justin held the door for me as we left school. When I walked past him I smelled a clean fresh scent, mixed with a musk that was like the bass beat of a sweet melody.

I followed him in the afternoon sun through rows of cars. I noticed how the light caught his hair, making his head glow in orange flame. It was breathtaking!

In fact I think I gasped audibly, because Jeremy caught me staring at his brother. “You like red heads?”
I decided to play deaf. “What?”
“You were staring at his hair! Don’t lie!”
Now they both looked at me. We stopped by a black Grand Am. “Is this your car?” I pointed and smiled.

He silently opened the door for me. “Dude! She likes you!” Jeremy informed his brother.

I sat in the car to avoid both of their glances for a few seconds more. I felt myself blushing furiously. I took a deep breath to try to calm the blood flow to my cheeks. Then I peeked at Justin as he shut the door. He was red too.
Jeremy sat in back, laughing hysterically as Justin got in the driver’s seat, still blushing.

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