Mark's plan in Action

Mark glance through the cafe toward the frontdoor. “Cookie, I’ve got a plan, if it works they won’t bother you again, and if it don’t, I probably won’t bother you again. When I leave here I’ll be going over to the fairgrounds.”

“What’s over there?” Cookie said

Mark grinned. “Everything I need is over there. Okay… now here’s what I want you to do…”

Cookie listened to Mark’s plan and shook his head, but he agreed to do what Mark asked.

Mark savored his coffee. “Okay, Cookie. Show time.”

From the kitchen Mark waved to the waitress, then left by way of the backdoor.

It was a nice cool morning, as Mark walked the eight blocks to the fairgrounds. Once there, he headed for the huge storage area. The huge old white building contained all the paraphernalia used during rodeos.

Nothing was scheduled at the arena for the next couple of months, so Mark didn’t expect that anyone would be there, and he was right.

Off to his left a couple of hundred yards they were mowing the grass.

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