Summer woke up the next morning really tired. She had tossed and turned all night worrying about Adam. She glanced at the clock, 9:05.

Crap! She thought. She rushed around her house and got everything ready, waking her brother in the process. Once she was all ready, she checked her IMs. No messages from Adam.

She slupped into her desk chair and let a single tear escape her eye. She knew she wouldn’t be able to talk to Ada until tomorrow and it really bothered her. She was now even more worried… What if his dad did something to him? What if he’s really hurting and I won’t be there for him…

“Ugh!” She cried out in frustration. All she wanted to do was hold him close to her and tell him he’d be alright and she couldn’t.

“Summer? It’s time to go.” She heard from downstairs. She took a deep breath and composed her face. Once she had calmed down on the ouside, she walked downstairs. She walked evenly to the car and got in, trying to fight back her emotions.

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