Medat. That was his name. The only thing he had left.
He was born two years ago…in a way. He had opened his eyes with no recolection whatsoever. Except that of his name: Medat.
Back then…
He was lying on a hospital bed.Near him, on a chair, there was a red-haired godess, caressing gently his forehead.
- It’s alright… she whispered. They found you unconscious on the beach. You have been ressurected.
- I…. thank you… he said. He took her other hand in his, as if it was the most natural thing to do.
- You have beautiful hands… she said.
She remained silent for a long while and looked at his face. She’d never seen such pitch black eyes before- it was warmth that he inspired to her; a powerful, nonentheless welcoming warmth.
She finally broke the silence:
- My name is Coralia.
He spent a week there,in the hospital, surveiled patiently by Coralia’s green eyes. Then, she took him home as if they had been together for an eternity.
Two years ago… Life has flown easy since, like in tender love songs.

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