Susan asks a question

Her mother never noticed the cell across the room. “Honey,” she said, “Your dad will be picking you up from school today. I have an appointment to get a mamogram. You eat some breakfast before you go to school, and I’ll see you at supper time.”

“Okay, mom,” Susan said. Then – “Mom, do you believe in angels?”

Her mom stopped, her hand on the doorknob, and turned around. “What an odd question. Why do you ask?”

“Mom! Just answer the question.”

“Well…. I suppose I do. If I’m going to believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Have you seen an angel?”

“No,” replied Susan with a brittle laugh. “I was just wondering.”

After her mom left, Susan laid out the clothes she planned to wear. Then took a shower. Climbing out of the shower stall she immediately spied the writing on the foggy mirror.

‘You need faith’, was written on the mirror. Angerly, Susan toweled it off. What does that mean? she wondered.

Susan entered her bedroom in her underwear, casting her eyes about for her spirit…

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