Mark and The Building

The building had a door at each end; one was a walk-in the other was a sliding, drive through. There were five windows on each side, up near the roof.

At the walk-in door Mark observed a new lock, but the wood the hasp was screwed into was old and weather-worn. He took from his pocket one of the punks switchblade knives.

While keeping an eye out for anyone interested in him, he used the knife to cut into the old wood around the screws until he got them loose enough to pull the screws from the wood.

Fifteen minutes later he was inside of the building. He knew he had to hustle before Cookie gave him up. But as luck would have it he spotted the bull barrel, the colorful barrel they use to get the bulls attention from the riders, within a few minutes. He was pleased to see what he was looking for inside the barrel. He pulled it out and beneath it was a coil of rope. With both items slung over his shoulder he took the stairs to the second level.

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