A Pearl of Wisdom from Orange Oreos

Lil’ Krully felt a twinge.
“What’s up lil’ dude?” G2 asked while Lone Writer and Orange Oreos attempted not to catch her frizz of hair in duct tape.
“I dunno…” he mumbled, looking as puzzled as ever. “I just felt something weird go on in my head.”
“Weird like what?” Lone Writer asked.
“Well, like- I don’t know- like I felt something that I didn’t feel. That don’t make sense!”
“Sure it does,” Orange Oreos said. “I’ve heard about this sort of thing.”
“What sort of thing?” was the general response from the others.
He set down the roll of duct tape, leaned against a beam, and took a deep breath. “I think,” Oreos began, “our friend here is linked with Krulltar.” A murmur rippled through the lair. “Meaning Lil’ Krully can know what Krulltar is doing and feeling at any time.” His face darkened.
“There’s more?” Fantasy asked. Oreos nodded.
“It can also work in the other direction. We have to be very, very careful now.”

In the Himalayas…

Krulltar felt a twinge.
“Crap,” he muttered. “They know.”

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