Entropy for Beginners or Don't Drink and Derive.

Matter and Energy can niether be created nor destroyed

Lil Krully looked around barely comprehending the words spewing from his mouth.

“I couldn’t help it.” he said looking at the trio rather sheepishly

“It had to come out.”

“That’s ok lil’ k” Orange Oreos said patting him on the head.

G2 stood for a moment musing over lil k’s spontateous monologue.One hand absentmindingly spinning her head.

“Hmmm, I think….” began G2.

“Don’t strain yourself.” teased Lone Writer.

“Ah-hah” shouted G2 ” Thermodynamics, that’s it!!”

“Thermo what?” chorused Orange Oreos and Lone writer.

“The first or second law of thermodynamics…I just can’t remember which one, there’s three.” replied G2

“It’s basic physics.” Explained G2 “Matter and energy can not be created or destroyed, just changed or converted from one form to another.”

“What about Kevin’s pen?” chimed in Lil Krully scratching his head.

Now it was the grown-ups turn to say uh-oh, as a stark realization presented itself….

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