Residing Dreams (Chapter 3)

My adoptive father was a wonderful man.

He was a lector, a cantor, and a Eucharistic
Minister at our local church which we attended every Sunday.
As a profession, he was mainly a college professor, majoring in religious education, but he went on to teach high school as well.

Once in a while, he would visit middle schools and elementary schools to talk to them about God and faith, (religion-centered schools of course)
and whenever he got the oppurtunity, he would be a substitute religion teacher at the middle school I attended. This was both before and after I went there.
His name was Scott Miracle, and I was pleased as pie to take on his last name and be known as his daughter.
I became Essie Miracle, and my father always told me that I was his little miracle, sent by God above, just as the note said.

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