People Radio [PR Challenge]

“This is NPR , national public radio.”

And so began one of the happiest hours of my week.

I sat back in my chair, ready to listen, completely forgetting about my friend sitting near by.

“What is this crap?” he shouted.

I was sharply tugged out of my happy place by this sudden outburst. His reaction surprised me.

“What do you mean, crap? This is the best stuff on the radio, ever!”

He just rolled his eyes, and set the radio to the local rap station.

“Much better!” he sighed, as loud voices thundered forced rhymes into my ears.

“What the—” My nostrils flared as I stole the radio remote from him, and switched it back.

“Hey! That was one of my favorites!” he complained.

“Well, this is my favorite!” I retorted, and leaned back again to listen in comfort, letting him stew in his anger.

“Too bad!” he yelled, and promptly began tickling my ribs.

I yelped in surprise, and turned on him, my fingers at the ready, and a tickle fight ensued.

That’s what I love about public radio. It brings people together!

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