Sangsue- part 36

I was thrown off guard with what Ginkloo just said. Was he willing to fight for me in some way? I mean, I know I didn’t love him anymore, right? “I love Isaac,” I said aloud, reassuring myself and Ginkloo. I apparently didn’t do that good of a job with either person, “I can tell you don’t Bree. I can tell from you face and everything.”
“I love him.”
“No you don’t.” I felt my face getting hot from the immaturity of this arguement. I saw Ginkloo smiling, knowing he was winning, “I DO TOO LOVE HIM !” I finally screamed. I heard the echo verberate throughout the crumbles of the building. “Hahaha, know you did it Bree.” Ginkloo laughed to himself then ran and jumped out the window. I ran towards the window and looked down, but he was already gone. I kept staring into the night when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and braced for whatever it was, but it grabbed my hands and said, “Relax, it’s just me. I was wondering why you were up. Then I heard you yell. And I need to say-well-you don’t love me.”

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