The Summer Notebook

“This is CUTE !â€? Hazel yells from my closet. I’m sitting on my bed reading Teen Vouge and drinking a diet Dr. Pepper.
“Yep.â€? I yell back, even though I have no clue what she’s talking about. Everything in my closet is cute anyway. Lila is on my couch, painting her nails orange.
“Can I borrow this?â€? Hazel walks out of my closet holding my turquoise Versace mini skirt.
“Ummm…sure. Why?â€?
“Thanks. I’m going to Ice tonight with Brett and Lynn. Hey, wanna come?â€?
Ice is this dance club for teens that Lynn’s dad owns. It’s ok I guess, but Hazel wants to go there every night. I have better things to do.
“No thanks, I’m hanging out with…my cousin, Tallia.â€?
Eden rolls her eyes from her spot on my floor.
Shut up!
“OK guys, listen up.â€?
Lila, Hazel, Taryn, Eden all look up at me. I walk over to my desk, open a drawer, and pull out a pink and green-stripped notebook. On the cover we all signed our names in shiny gold Sharpies.
“You all know why we’re here.â€?
Eden rolls her eyes again.

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