On Fire

Lin kept fumbling as she tried to knock the arrow. Finally I couldn’t stand it. “Here,” I said, taking some tape out of my pocket. I wrapped a bit around the string, just below where the arrow’s supposed to go. “Hold the bow parallel to the ground, keep the odd-colored feather up, knock it just above the tape. Got it?”
“I think so,” she replied humbly.
I could’ve sworn I saw a smile of gratitude flash across her face. If only for a second.
“Right,” Cricket began, rubbing his hand together. “Three rounds, ten shots each. Most points at the end wins. Each target gets farther as it goes on. First one, bullseye’s five points. Second, ten points. Last, twenty. All clear?” We nodded. “Tony, you keep ‘Li’s score, I’ll keep Lin’s.”

After her initial trouble, Lin was on fire. I figured it was her spoon-aiming ability that came in handy. I had fair aim, but I looked blind compared to her skills.
She leaned against her bow, rather smug. “How ‘bout them apples?” she asked, not restraining that creeping sneer.

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