Izza stood in line, waiting to be rung up like umpteen other customers. The Westfield mall was so crowded this time of year. Last minute shopping is a pain! She looked down at her pile of gifts: a Ralph Lauren sweater for each of her best friends, Casey, Jen and Elle, a watch for her boyfriend, Toby, and a box of chocolates for her teacher, Mrs. Cassidy.
“Ugggh!â€? she thought, “forgot Aunt Jill!â€? Izza looked back at the ever-increasing line and sighed. She stepped out and began walking.
“Hello! May I help you?â€? exclaimed the overly perky sales clerk. Her name tag read Carina.
“Umm…Yeah.â€? Izza began, “I’m looking for a gift for my Aunt.â€? Carina pulled out a strawberry-banana flavored smackers out of her pocket and dabbed some on her lips. The cap shut with a snap sound.
“I have the perfect thing!â€? Carina practically shouted. “Follow me!â€? she sped through the colorful aisles and displays. Izza followed. She stopped at one filled with wooden ducks.
“We just got them in from Canada. Fabulous, right!â€?

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