“Gah! What’s that girl doing this time? Didn’t she learn from the last time?!?! Does she want to go to the hospital again?!?!”

“Honey, settle down! Please!”

A typical scene was unfolding in the Frollen home. Mrs. Frollen perched nervously on her over-sized and extremely uncomfortable rocking chair, whilst her large husband, an ex-policeman, yelled at his daughter, or absence thereof.

This was a particularly frightening episode.

Mrs. Frollen was sitting, cowering in her chair, hands shaking in her lap, as her husband roared to remind his family of his frightening rule.

“I’m going to go and get her right this instant! She’s crazy! No one else in town sits outside during a thunderstorm, praying to be hit!”

As he stormed out the door into the endless cascade of water, Mrs. Molly Frollen, once a fierce, lively specimen of a woman, whimpered as the front door slammed shut and attempted, in vain, to disappear into her chair.

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