Battier than a Mad Hatter

There are some that call me the Timekeeper of Death. Quite a surprisingly accurate description, considering that I never leave anyone that sees me alive…

I shave off the time left in their lives, the most precious possession of any person, second by second… It’s the most agonizing feeling in the world. My victims would gladly go through labor at any moment than let me continue my timely torture…

But it is my destiny. It is a job I must fulfill.

My fate is to be Fate.

I kill everyone necessary, leave everyone unnecessary alone.

If it weren’t for me, the world as you know it would not exist.

One might say that I am a necessary evil. And I can’t honestly say that I hate my work.

And so I walk along dark roads, searching for my next victim, sensing who’s time is near.

So the next time you see a dark shape glide near you during the night, cloak flying, top hat black as sin, bow your head, and hope you won’t have to feel my wrath.

Now I must go. The King has lived long enough.

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