Before it happened...

“Gosh, what’s that smell?” I giggle to my best friend, Jessica, as we walk through the make up section. Jessica, at the ripe cool age of fourteen, was two years older than I and I thought was she was sooo cool for it. She was supposed to be at my house, babysitting, but all the cool teens snuck to shop here, cruise, and hang out every Friday and Saturday.

“Uh…that would be perfume, Ashley.” she sarcastically retorts.

“No, I’m being serious, I mean…” I say flatly and scrunch up my nose. “It smells like rotting hamburgers.”

Jessica just blushs at me and laughs. “Oh, Ashley, you are SO HE -lar-ious!” she says, waving me off. “C’mon, let’s get you a mini-skirt. They come down to here” she gestures at the middle of her leg “And they are sooo cute.” Jessica breezely goes on ahead, brown curled ponytail bouncing, while I just stand there, my brows furrowed and my nose still scrunched. I look over to my right, and then my left, and then run to catch up with her. “Wait for me!”

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