Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat Major, K. 364 (or Violists are People Too)

“You think you’re worth the world?”
“As if you’re worth anything!”
Mozart sighed, putting his head in his hand. His concertmaster and first violist were arguing. Again. He was a bow’s flick from flipping his wig over their petty arguments!
“Maestro? Maestro Mozart!”
Wolfgang snapped from his daze. “Yes?” It was those two again.
“Which do you think is better?” the concertmaster asked eagerly.
“Yes maestro, which?” The violist tried to bump the haughty violinist away.
Then Mozart had an idea. He smiled calmly. “Gentlemen, how about I compose something to show you my answer?”
“Brilliant idea, maestro!”
“Yes, brilliant!”

Mozart was up late that night, slaving over his “answer.” He played both instruments beautifully, he loved them equally. As he worked on his sinfonia concertante, he thought of an alternate title he would take to his grave: “Violinists are Great, but Violists are People Too.”

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