Middle School Mayhem: The Beginning

I starred through the lens and took in everything around me. The smell of the salt water made my nostrils tingle and brought back the many memories of the passing Summer.

I pressed the button and listened to the click of the disposable camera my mother had bought for our beach trip. I slipped the cheesy camera into my bag and sat down in the sand.

It was all over. It seemed like it was just yesterday I had said goodbye to all my friends, and walked through the doors of my elementary school for the last time. It seemed like just yesterday tears filled my eyes as the bus pulled away from the school parking lot, for the last time. But now, Summer was all over. It was all coming to an end.

I heard the car door slam and the engine start. I was dreading the moment my mom would call for me.
“It’s time to go honey,” she would say. And then, I would be on my way.

The days were passing as quickly as my brother scarfed down my mother’s home made apple pie. In one more week, I was to be starting middle school.

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