Eating Habits

“Boy, you really can get into all that psychoanalytic stuff when you put your mind to it,” I sniffed, breathing in the scent of the air – there was going to be rain.

“See? Your mood is better thanks to Cricket, right?” he laughed, adjusting his glasses.

I nodded, letting the wind muss up my hair.

Ah, it feels good to laugh…

“I miss my Grandma.”

“Whoa, where did that come from?”

I smiled dryly. “She’s almost like a parent. I really do miss her, you know. I was on my way to see her when Lin decided to pull her spoon stunt.”

I supported my forehead on my knees, letting my voice become muffled. “One thing led to another, and here I am, instead of being at Grandma’s and enjoying – “

“What, dog fillets?”

I let out a cry of disgust. “I told you, my family doesn’t eat stuff like that! For God’s sake! Aunt Mara is a crazy cat lady!”

I settled down again, huffing slightly, although I knew his poke at my eating habits was a joke.

“I should be enjoying a nice wok hei stir fry right now.”

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