Oddities Playing Ping Pong

“Come one, come all!! See the depraved deformity, the impossible inhumanity, the real improbability, the disturbed wonder of the freaks, mutants and weirdoes who populate our Gallery of the Strange!”

Inside the sweltering tent, the oddities looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

“Hey, Phil, how’s your throat?”

“I’ve been coughing all day. I’m not sure I can roar tonight. Maybe I can be The Sleeping Wolfman tonight.”

“Yeah, I could do with a break. It’s hard to be odd all the time. The weirdest thing would be for us to be in here playing ping pong or pinochle.”

“I can hear Barker Bob now, ‘Come see Nancy the Bearded Lady knit a tea cozy! Watch as Brian the Dolphin Boy plays Wii Sports and bowls a strike! Gasp in amazement as Phil the Narcoleptic Wolfman falls asleep watching Jeopardy! Oh, the abject horror of ogling poor deformed bastards doing ordinary things for your amusement!’”

“Hey, you, shut up in there! It’s almost show time!”

They all sighed and got ready for the show.

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