Let's Pretend - The Nostalgia Challenge

Funny how you wouldn’t find any of us boys out on the street before11:00 am on a Saturday morning. The reason was as simple as were the times. We were all inside listening to our favorite radio station for kids.

These stories were the forunners of todays saturday morning tv shows. In rapt attention, we would lie in the floor and listen to: The Green Hornet, and his pal Cato. Then there was The Buster Brown show and his dog ??, Next would be, “Who knows what evil lives in the hearts of men? The Shadow does.” All of these were 15 to 30 minute radio shows. Also Let’s Pretend, and Charlie Chan. These were all theaters of the mind. The images of action, and the looks of the characters, were yours and yours alone to invent.

In the evening were shows more in tune with adults, like: Mister District Attorney and Gang Busters. But late at night, ten oclock, was the scariest of shows. I Love a Mystery. This was a 15 minute scary adventure show, with eerie piano music in the background Now this is nostalgia.

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