Stifled Sentiments

A suppressing feeling…
A hammering.
Breaking on the inside.
The waterfall rushes through the fresh cracks,
And spills through the windows to my soul.
I smile as time passes me by,
A sad smile reflecting my past.
Pain shining through the translucent form.
The heat of anger scorches me.
Betrayed by the angel who stole my life,
Gazing at him from far away as he creeps ever closer.
But how do I feel?
Swirling colors, mottled with impassiveness.
The one thing that makes me happy vanishes,
Engulfed in a fog,
A silver fog that forebodes danger.
Searching for the questions to the answers I already have,
Searching for answers that don’t exist.
My heart trapped in a cage,
My soul nailed to a wall.
A lake appears before me, tranquil and blue.
Its depths draws me in…
I drown.
I’m gone.
The pain is gone.
The world remains brazen and cold.
I subside with the waves and melt into the water.
The suppressing feeling exists no more…

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