Acting The Peacemaker...Almost

“Hey!” I yelled, but he kept moving away. “Cricket!”

Still no reaction.

This whole thing is getting my dander up, now!

I screeched to stop, and filled my lungs with air. And then, I did something that would’ve gotten the attention of anyone (human and animal alike).

I shouted at Cricket in Chinese, letting the words come in a barrage. I had a lot bottled up.

Cricket, you could at least wait up for your lifelong friend,” I said, stomping up to him. “I know she’s annoying – think about me for a moment – I was practically with her every waking moment of my childhood!

Cricket wheeled around, a slightly bewildered expression on his face.


“I thought so,” I sighed, reverting to English. “Always works. Now, would you wait up?”

His expression became dark again, and I heaved another sigh.

“Listen, Cricky,” I said, coming closer, “I know that Lin can be annoying – she’s got her good and bad points…although it’s more bad. Bear with me, okay?”

Cricket gave me a half-smile.

Oh, well.

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