Residng Dreams (Chapter 5)

He knew I was adopted, I knew I was adopted.

You can’t get much more truthful than that. There were times when I realized how ungrateful I was being, for I had everything a girl could want.

A father who put you in the center of his world and adored you, a gorgeous house, pets, a pretty bedroom, great clothes, an excellent school, teachers who loved me, and tons of friends.

Like I said before, as close as I was to my father, I couldn’t help but feel as if I were his favorite student than his one and only daughter.

However, he made sure that I would never have him as a teacher when I went to high school, for he knew that many would deem that unfair, and I’d be subject to teasing and ridicule as a true teacher’s pet.

This thought never really dogged me, not as much as the fact that that no matter how well I knew my father, there would always be a part of him that
I couldn’t quite understand.

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