Residing Dreams (Chapter 6)

So many things had happened before that giant house. I often wondered why I was there, what I had agreed to, and when, or if, I would ever come home.Yet when I had arived there, I had already lived, laughed, learned, loved, and no to mention cried. So I knew I had a life behind me.I had a life I had left behind.It started out when I began to realize that my father was different. When I was younger,I didn’t seem to notice it as much, I didn’t really understand it, if it was anything at all. I soon came to see that my father was more like a mother in many ways.He did not have a woman’s physique,but he had resembling qualities to several women I had met in my lifetime.He always liked the house to stay neat and tidy,and he always used fabric softener on my clothes,and they smelled like the fresh flowers we had in the house every day He always worried that I would catch a cold if I went out on a cold day.I thought he was like a mom and a dad all in one—he was warm and fuzzy, yet he also knew how to be a man too.

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