Andrew gets a message

That had been five years ago when he was inducted into the Masons. Most of the major officers were Masons; a habit started by, none other than General George Washington himself.

Now, Andrew Jackson thought, being called back to this great hall was not by accident, something was brewing. He had been called back under great secrecy. The door at the end of the hall swung open and a monk, a man of short stature, in a brown cowl bustled into the room. In his hands was a leather folder.

“Good evening, sir,” the monk said.

Andrew noticed that his rank wasn’t mentioned. “And a good evening to you friar.”

The monk held out the leather folder. “This was to delivered to you personally.”

Andrew took the folder. It was sealed with wax with an inscription and seal of the President of United States.

“Sir,” said the monk, “I will leave you now. If you need me just pull that cord.”

Andrew broke the seal and opened the folder. The first words he read were, Congratulations General. He had been promoted.

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