Lost and Alone

I don’t know how far I walked with my mind in an uproar, but suddenly I reached a small park. The park was teeming with people.

I chose a wooden bench and sat down. I watched as boys and girls skated by on inline skates and boards. Can I do that? I wondered.

I removed the wooly hat and felt my head for lumps. Had I been rendered unconscience? How can someone suddenly not know who she is?

I had no purse. I searched the pockets of my coat and found a five dollar bill and a stub of a theater ticket. The theater was the Rialto, and the play was Indigo Shade. Neither one sounded familiar.

Panic was building in me. It was afternoon and I had no place to go. Should I go to the police? Maybe to a hospital. I didn’t even have any idea what town I was in.

An elderly gentleman nodded at me and sat down on the bench.

“Sir,” I asked, “What’s the name of this town?”

Without answering he stood and walked away.

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