The Vixens' Story (detective/twilight zone challenge)

“Let me get this straight,” Detective Keen leaned forward and rested his arms on his desk, hands clasped together. “Miss Grant, you lost your eyesight, Miss Blue, your hearing, and Miss Blaine, your speech, all at the same time?”

“IT’S 10:30! DON ’T YOU HAVE A WATCH ?” yelled Miss Blue. Keen rolled his eyes.

“Yes. We were all together at this nightclub, dancing, drinking, you know!” Miss Grant giggled and eyed the Detective flirtatiously.

“Anyways, we didn’t even know each other, but we must have all had to pee at the same time and we went into the bathroom. Then everything went purple and then dark! I heard a scream and covered my ears, but I looked for the person screaming. It was Miss Blaine. She had closed her eyes and covered her head with her arms. Miss Blue shut her eyes tight and covered her mouth in surprise.”

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