Set in motion

He knew there would be a slight danger in getting the weapon into the hall, but he had taken precautions in selecting the entryway and the security team that would be on hand.

He carefully disassembled the old weapon and refit the pieces into the wheelchair. The irony was, the man would bring the weapon into the hall himself.

The second danger he faced was leaving the hall after the shooting. He was depending on the mob of people to do some of the work for him, still, it was a very risky plan.

Once the weapon was concealed, he reread the pamplet that was handed out to the reporters. Eight oclock, opening speech by the dean of the college. Eight fifteen, Political Action Chairman speaks. Eight thirty, the man takes over. His speech was to last until nine thirty, but his speeches are notoriously long, so the timing there will have to be guessed at.

Satisfied, he changed into his uniform and donned his shoulder holster.

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