The Mad Hatter Cures Insomnia

“Got any threes?” he asked.

“Go fish,” answered the other guard, stifling a yawn with the hand that wasn’t preoccupied with a fan of cards. The barrel between them had a neat stack, and many pairs were laid across the small surface.

“Yes!” shouted the other guard, “I got my wish! I get to go again!”

As he laid down his new pair, still smiling at his good fortune, he didn’t notice his comrade being gagged, dragged off behind a larger barrel, and replaced with a sinister figure.

“Got any twos?” asked the oblivious guard.

“Nope, but I do have plenty of chamomile,” I said, as I stabbed him with a needle containing sleep-inducing herbs.

“Wha—?” began the guard, but before long, I had him under my control, and I carefully laid him down next to his fellow guard in a very suggestive position.

Let’s just say that they would be fired instantly if someone stumbled upon their sleeping figures…

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