"Bye Bye Papa" Tommy thought happily.

Tom flipped on the old black-and-white TV. He heard his father scream.
“Tee hee!” He giggled to himself, “What’s wrong papa?”

“There’s a freakin’ dead body in the manure!” Papa gasped. Tom walked down to his father, the shotgun in hand.

“Where is it? Lemme’ see” Tom played along. Papa showed him.

“Ain’t that the darnedest thing! He’s the guy that beat me at 4-H! Tommy exclaimed discreetly lifting the shotgun to his Papa’s head.
“Please don’t Tommy boy.” he murmured aware of the gun.

“I won’t.” he pulled the trigger. “Oops! My finger slipped!”

Papa’s brains splattered against the manure house.

Tommy held his nose as he pulled the headless body into the manure house.

It had never smelled so bad.

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