Still, The Truth Suffers

Staring hard face to face
Hands cold
Riddled with dirt and guilt and weary from the days biddings
A life proven for me quite fitting
Yet on a bed of nails up I stay sitting
Up all the night admitting
Taking the beating
And the truth suffers
The truth betrayed me
She laid
A hand upon my head
And said
Everything will be alright
As long as you’re dead
As long as you’re here with me
In this bed
And the Truth suffers
And this was a lie
She held me tighter and tighter still
Until she was holding me by the neck against our very will
The night quite and still
Listening for the dead to be killed
And quieter still
The crickets quiet
Their sick dream fulfilled
And along went the night
And around came the noises
And the truth suffers
With a dead body by her side
With a dead body to hide
With a dead that lied
With a dead body that took their fate
And did not cry
But only one last breathe a last pleading sigh
And the truth realized she loved her
And the Truth Suffered

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