Small time Crook

Eddie Braxon was a small time crook. He’d steal pennies off of a dead mans eyes. That is if they still put pennies on dead mens eyes, which they don’t. But…well you get the picture.

When Eddie was arrested for murder, he still had all the loot from his last break-in on him – three zirconia rings, one waterford glass, a radio/alarm clock, and an ashtray from Circus Circus. He used the ‘other dude’ alibi. “I got this from some other dude.”

Once in the interrogation room, Eddie faced life in prison, (bad cop) or possibly 6 months in a halfway house, (good cop). Eddie weighed these options, then declared, “I’ll turn states evidence.”

The two detectives exchanged glances. Both men were sweating in their Wal-Mart suits. “What states evidence?” asked Bad Cop.

“All the stuff the other dude gave me,” Eddie said with a big grin. “You guys got it anyway,” Eddie shrugged.

The detectives shook their heads. “Get outa here Eddie.”

On his way out he grabbed a pen from the desk sergeants desk.

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