My best friend's bf pt 7

“Wait, lemme talk to her first Lea,” I blurted.
“Oh, its fine I already did.”
Crap crap crap crap crap
My heart was beating fast.
“ gosh.” Lea spoke softly.
“What?!” tried to act surprised.
“She admit it! She admit everything! I’m never talking to her again! How could she. She knows how much I like him.”
“Maybe she likes him too, well, nevermind. Are you gonna break up with him?”
“No. I don’t know should I? What if she came onto him, it may have not been his fault what do you think?”
I was thinking.
Why did she admit it? I_ was the one he cheated with. It was _me. There was no way she could have covered for me, because she doesn’t know.
Unlesshe cheated on Lea with both of us. First, it seemed like a pretty crazy idea, but as I’m thinking about it theres a possibility.

I heard music playing from outside my window and peered down from my purple draped window.

There was the small red slugbug parked outside, with the radio blasting and I caught a glance at the driver.

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