The Annorexic Child 3

“Ezekial..go to bed, I’m fine” she whispered, tears running down her flushed pale cheeks.
“I’m not leaving you!” He spoke in such a loud voice, she placed her cold hand over his mouth.
Using every bit of strength, she pulled herself up and grabbed onto the counter, to pull herself to her feet.
“You need help.”
“No. I said I’m fine, okay? Go to bed. I’m fine.”
She slowly made her way into her room, and id under her soft covers, thinking.
It was 3 in the morning. She woke up soon after she fell asleep, and climbed out of her bed. She walked over and took a glance at her mirror. ‘Ew.’ She thought. ‘I can’t stop now. I won’t stop.’
She tucked herself back into bed, and stared at the ceiling, until she finally fell asleep.
When she had awaken, to her surprise her mom was sitting at the side of her bed. Silent tears streaming down her face. “We need to get you some help.”
She was afraid, as her mom left the room she started packing. She started packing everything.
And left a small note on her bed..

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