Princess Dragon

Let’s start with the early years, shall we?

I was a vivacious little snippet of energy; I was tutored, and I soon blossomed into wonderful academia.

I was completely happy – for a short period of time.

But soon, I started wondering why I was only allowed inside the palace walls – why I only had certain teachers – why my friends were scheduled.

And, it came to me as a shock, that normal human beings don’t have vibrant features – mainly, my eyes and my hair.

My mother had sat me down nicely and explained everything.

I was shell shocked. Well, I was ten! What do you expect from someone who has been on the earth barely a decade?

From then on, I was a bit withdrawn.

But slowly, surely, I started to rebel.

I wanted to accompany servants on their shopping trips; I convinced my mother that a cloak would be sufficient enough to hide my odd colors.

Why I was born like this?

I have no idea.

I suppose you could call me the dragon of this story.

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