It was unheard of.

A princess with draconic abilities.

Unspoken of! Blasphemous! Evil! they said.

I would be a plague amongst the villagers, and my mother was sure that if they ever found out about my true nature, they would truss me to a stake and watch me burn.

That’s a little hard, though – dragons can’t burn on a stake…

But, moving away from that, I was fairly content with the way things went.

My classes were easy to master, seeing as I had vast memory.

That, in itself, had its good and bad points. The good being I would have too look no more than once at my studies and ace the classes next day.

The bad…the bad being that I remembered every single bad experience in my life, and relived it vividly when I thought about it constantly.

Other than that, my abilities were limited…

At least, I thought so, until the fateful day (that’s what they’d call it, right?) came, and I was locked in this Godforsaken tower.

Curse that boy.

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