The Younger Years

The first day I had met him had been in the palace grounds; he was nothing more than a cooker’s assistant.

At first, our friendship had been tentative and childish, but it evolved as time went on.

He often asked me questions about my appearance.

“Why does your hair look green in the sun? Why are your pupils slitted? Why can you touch flames without being burnt?”

I didn’t have the answers back then, though.

True, I looked a little…different from the average villager, but that didn’t mean it was alright to question on every aspect of my being.

Still, I was elated at having my first true friend, and I held him dear.

When I entered my adolescent years, our relationship still held fast, and I soon realized that I liked him more than a friend.

This would be the part where the noble princess would say : “But alas! it was not meant to be.”

It wasn’t meant to be, alright, but I won’t mope over it much longer.

I’ll get over it one day.

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