Those words. Where had I heard them before? They’d been said in a story that was told to me before. But… when? It confused me when those words passed Trevor’s black painted lips.

“War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.” He was muttering it in meditation. Wait… I didn’t know Goths meditated. Better not dwell on that. Why was he saying that? Why was it so familiar? My emerald eyes swept away from his open door and down the hall. I sighed. Staying here for a week while my parents were in Paris wasn’t gonna be easy. I walked down to the guest room and sat on the bed, feeling the floral comforter. I sighed, still trying to figure out where I’d heard those words before. I put my brunette hair up in a bun before I laid down, shutting my eyes, and falling asleep.

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