Beryl and Lettuce Hair

It’s here that I’ve found a border between peace and turmoil.

I am not entirely alone – apparently, Ariana gave me a parting gift; she could not stop the move, but she gave me some of the things I loved most.

Books and knowledge.

Ariana had a huge library built next to my room – I spend most of my time there, walking like a phantasm amongst the ageless tomes of books, poring over withering pages and ingraining precious information into my memory.

I’ve missed talking to people, although Ariana comes and visits every once in a while. They think her mad for doing so.

Since that day four years ago, I have not seen, spoken to, or heard of my so called parents.

All day long, my mind dreams about finding my real parents; I wonder what they would be like.

I’ve had time to observe myself – I can see why my human parents called me Beryl.

My entire appearance seems to be surrounded around the color green.

My hair is black on first sight, though, and for that I am grateful.

Think about having verdant hair!

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