Sarah III

He looked down at her limp body. Her wrists had also been slashed and the blood was already becoming sticky in the heat. Instinctively, he bound them with towels to stop the bleeding and ran to call 911.
“Sarah. Sarah. Sarah.” he repeated over and over as he cradled her delicate form in his arms.
“Sarah, baby. It’s okay. We’re okay. You’ll be fine.” he said as much to himself as to her.
The minutes it took before the ambulance arrived seemed to strech on to infinity…the smell of sweat, sex, and blood making him slighty nauseaous.
“Oh Sarah.” he said into her long, dark hair. “Baby, I’ll never leave you again. Promise.”
The medics arrived and he watched as they cleaned her up and assessed her wounds in slow motion. He saw it all in movie form. Too real to BE real.
“Sarah.” he said one last time.
“Mmuph.” she answered.
He studied her pale face as they loaded her into the ambulance. His mind too overloaded to do anything but nod and stare.
“Oh, Sarah…” he said, numbly.

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