Escape...Sort Of

A voice startled me into the wardrobe; I dove in it headfirst, not thinking about what I was doing.

“Earl! How ‘bout settlin’ down for a pint or two?”

“Aye, sounds good.”

The two guards sauntered by, their helmets gleaming in the torchlight.

When I was younger, I wondered why there were droves of guards wherever I was – now I know the reason was because I am (and was) dangerous.

I slipped out of the wardrobe silently, and tiptoed to my room again, where I put my feet in my traveling boots.

Ariana had given them to me (she said they would serve me well, but I do not understand why she would say that…).

After that, I pattered down to the hall leading out of the castle, and hoped I wouldn’t be noticed.

A glance at the grandfather clock confirmed my hunch; I was only seconds away from missing the five minute window of time.

I raced forward, not caring about the clack of my boots on the stone, and only stopped when I came to the entrance.

“Hey! You! Wait! Where are you going?”

That didn’t last.

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