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A few minutes later, I was sitting over the remains of my old home, in dragon form, not caring who was outside to see me.

I was tired of being cooped up.

All the guards were gone; either fled, or…how shall I put it…rather dead?

My scales gleamed in the fire, and I was sort of proud of their luster.

I decided to take better care of them in the future.

My mind sighed when I realized that now most of the escaped guards would go running to Simon.

I don’t even want to think about the consequences.

The stars were beckoning and the wind was inviting, so I spread my wings and took to the skies.

It felt good to have the breeze in my face after so long.

I was, naturally, fast, for my species. Female dragons tend to be more delicate (but bigger!) and faster when airborne – we are easier to anger than males.

Why we’re larger? I have no inkling.

I intended to find out why – and more, about myself, about my kind, and most importantly : where my egg came from.

I shall find my kin!

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