What Have We Here?

It all started upside down.
“Seriously, let me down!” I cried, but to no avail.
I was stuck.
My prankster brother must’ve left one of his loop traps set, then completely forgot about it.
Well, if I was going to be here a while, might as well acclamate myself to my surroundings.
Let’s see. Trees. Trees. Twigs. Trees. Did I mention there were trees?
I looked up and down the tree from which I was dangling. Regular oak, big knothole in it, and… Hello, what have we here?
There was a tube, with what looked like a roll of paper in it! Wonder where it came from?
I reached up, grabbed the rope at my ankle, and pulled myself upright. As luck would have it, I was at just the right height to grab the tube. Thank you Lady Fortune!
I let myself fall upside down again as I loosened the cap on the tube. Man, it was tight! Looks like whoever left it didn’t want anyone getting into it. But, stubborn as I was, I opened it, releasing its contents.

God Almighty, I never expected to see what I saw in that old tube.

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